To say long haul logistics is a daunting field to approach is a bit of an understatement. In most cases, potential clients have few avenues to compare and contrast rates for various routes across the continent. On the independent operator side of things, there are a number of companies that dominate the space and carving out a place for oneself is very difficult. In light of these challenges, Intra Africa Trade Entrepreneur Chad Chawanda has, today on Africa Day, launched Gonyeti, a pan African trucking platform.

Gonyeti is headquartered in Cape Town but also has outlets in Harare and in Rwanda and will give anyone looking for haulage real-time transport rates across the major routes in the SADC and COMESA region. The platform seeks to improve efficiency as well as drive down prices based on supply and demand.

The platform, as previously alluded to, also endeavours to be the gateway for prospective operators who may have previously struggled to get into the space. Gonyeti will do this by stacking up the costs of freight of all who register (new operators and established players) and it will be down to the consumer to make a choice.

For quality assurance and safety, any company or individual who registers on Gonyeti will be vetted to ensure that they are legit. The process will include the operator’s track record, any referrals and more.

According to Chad Chawanda, the Gonyeti Platform is the first to offer transport rates in real-time but won’t be the only digital trucking-related platform, as the market is huge and will need more players in different areas of the value chain in order to transform the industry.